Chat Payment Flow
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Chat Payment Flow

  • STEP 1
    Once the chat box is enabled in your website, the chat box will be displayed as a popup on your store website.
    The member store can reply to the customers using the member store management screen and prompt the purchase directly to the customer.

  • STEP 2
    Once the customer has decided what they want to purchase, you can generate a payment link for the purchase price through the management screen.
    Once you enter the amount in the field "Enter Payment Amount" and click on the "Send Link" button, a payment link popup will be sent to the customer in the chat.

  • STEP 3
    Customers will be prompted to make a payment by clicking the "Payment here" button in the chat to move to the payment page.


  • 1.Notify new message
    When a new customer logs in to the chat, the green active button flashes on the merchant management screen, and when a new message arrives, a "New" tag is displayed in front of the user tag, so you can check and respond to unread messages immediately.

  • 2.Chat History
    Merchants can view the chat history of all users on the History tab of the Merchant Portal.

  • 3.Active / Inactive
    Merchants can set their status to active or inactive (offline). If the merchant is away, users will receive a message that the merchant is offline and encourage them to try again later.