For Chinese tourists
we provide easy settlements for 3 services with one application.

About Settlements in Asia

Asia Settlement System

Alipay/WeChatPay/Compatible CUP cards
QR settlements are the fastest to introduce!Of course, the cost is also the lowest!

Overview of Asia's three major payment services

In the Chinese market 60% of transactions are cashless.

Almost all Chinese tourists use these three big settlement services, with Alipay having more than 800 millions users, WeChatPay having more than 1.1 billion users, and CUP card pulling in more than 6 billion cards issued. We at MAXCONNECT are striving to make settlements for these three services available through one system.

  • 【1】Alipay

    · 4.5 billion smartphone users in China
    · Responsible for about 80% of mobile settlements in China, totalling annually at over 76 trillion yen
  • 【2】WeChatPay

    This has already become a way to shop in Japan for Chinese travelers with over 10,000 stores accepting its use, such as: bookstores, department stores, large-scale discount stores, shopping centers, and drugstores.
  • 【3】CUP cards

    UnionPay is spreading all over the world.
    UnionPay's merchants continue to increase, mainly in economic cities such as Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. Currently holding the top share in markets and brands preferred by Chinese tourists.

Alipay,WeChatPay, and CUP cards

Are an indispensable means of payment
for tourists or businesses from Asia.

With MAXCONNECT's quick and easy service.
You will not miss business opportunities from overseas!

Of course, our service is adaptable to every situation

Since our service is adaptable to every situation, it helps boost sales even further to those companies already using our credit card settlement service.
Our service seeks to integrate the big 3; WeChatPay, Alipay, and CUP cards from China into one system. Allowing more Merchants to capture customers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

We will guide you with care and ease in introducing our services into your business. Please feel free to contact us about anything.

  • Settlement are easy with QR codes
    Since you can make payments quickly with QR codes, cashiers will never be crowded.
  • Pre-settlement before visiting Japan
    Non-face-to-face settlement processing is possible. Before your visit to Japan you can complete settlements in advance by e-mail and chat.
  • Higher register efficiency
    You can also settle printed QR codes. You can settle items with fixed amounts in places such as shops and stalls with one QR code.

Service Overview

Easy multi-payment service fee

Initial cost
0 JPY~
※ It varies depending on industry type and sales scale.
Monthly cost
0 JPY~
※ It varies depending on industry type and sales scale.
Promotion kit
Settlement fee
※ It varies depending on industry type and sales scale.
※ We will make an offer for the lowest price possible after consulting.
Settlement fee transfer fee
700 JPY (excluding tax)
Payment cycle
Basic: 1-2 times a month
※ If you have any requests, we will respond to each industry type.
Applicable industries
Restaurants, drug stores, hotels, travel agencies, guides, interpreters, hospitals, general dealers, seminars, cram schools, rental cars, amusement facilities, sightseeing, souvenir shops, real estate, ticket sales, bars/clubs, special eating and drinking establishments, decorative shops, esthetics, web systems, etc. We support all kinds of industries.

Comparison with other payment services

Settlement service A Settlement service B MAXCONNECT's
Asia Service
Easy, convenient, and safe
With Big Merits
Can be installed
at ultra low cost
Waiting time
Easy in 4 steps
Quick introduction possible
Propose the lowest price
for each industry!

  • Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
  • Please send the inquiry by e-mail or post, at the earliest we will respond within one day!
  • Please fill out the application form, enclose the necessary documents, and return it to us.
  • We will respond within one week from application to settlement service start.

We at MAXCONNECT will help guide you with introducing our service and help increase your sales.
Please contact us about anything.