Card Reader payments(PC/Mobile/Tablet version)
are a settlement method that all industries can use for card payments.

About Card Reader payments

Card Reader Settlement System

MAXCONNECT's Card Reader service

"For all industries"

"Convenient Settlements"

"Sales increases can be expected"

Sales will improve with the introduction of card payments.

Sales will improve with the introduction of card payments.

MAXCONNECT's card reader settlement is a service that allows credit card payment anywhere, if there are a PC and Internet available. Of course, this service is also available to those with a laptop, as long as there is a WiFi connection available; giving Merchants mobility with their credit card settlements.
Normally, many franchisees are looking for a CAT terminal, but CAT terminals are close to 100,000 yen, which is the norm, with initial investment fees being around 30,000 yen alone.
In addition, a few additional problems Merchants face with CAT terminals are: installation time, dedicated software, construction, and line installation. For many Merchants this becomes far too expensive and is not cost effective.
MAXCONNECT's card reader payment not only greatly reduces initial investment costs, but also gives Merchants confidence in our service, by coming with a dedicated card reader. Additionally, Merchants will feel safe using card reader settlements, since each Merchant will have a unique dedicated screen for their settlements. The Card reader settlement procedure is easy. If you proceed according to the procedure described on the screen, you can complete the credit card transaction and print out the customer's copy if necessary. With card reader payments, hand-input can also be done without swiping cards, so even if you can not read the magnetic surface of your card by chance, settlements are still possible.

Virtual terminal/VCAT function

Virtual terminal/VCAT function

As MAXCONNECT has set up the payment screen, we have made manual input available, even if the credit card itself is not on hand, you can submit settlements by phone or FAX. So that the staff can enter the information for you. In the credit industry, this is called a Virtual Terminal/VCAT, which is a credit service that you can use in a wide range of industries.
Our payment system is compliant with PCI DSS and we are working hard on improving security on a daily basis.

Card Reader Settlements

Card Reader use step by step
Settlements will be processed from authentication to confirmation in mere moments!

  • STEP 1
    Connect the "card reader" that you have received from MAXCONNECT, to the USB port of your PC or laptop.
    * When connected properly, the main light of the card reader will light up.
    * If the light does not light up or if it is blinking, there is a possibility of failure, so please contact our sales representatives.
  • STEP 2
    When accessing the "URL for card reader" sent in advance from us, please enter the Merchant login ID and password. ※ There are merchants who can omit [STEP 2] on the system settings.
    (These Merchants will go from 【【STEP 1】 → 【STEP 3】)
  • STEP 3
    Please check that the credit card your customer wishes to use, can be used for our service.
    (Ex:MasterCard/VISA logo, expiration date of the card, etc.).
    With the magnetic surface of the card facing down, swipe the card so that the magnetic surface is along the □ marked side. When the card has been read normally, it will move to the next screen.
    * If the card is not loaded properly by any chance, due to a faulty magnetic surface, etc.
    Please click "▲ manually enter" and move to the next screen.
  • STEP 4
    "Credit card number", "customer name", "expiration date" are automatically filled in when it is loaded normally, please manually enter "settlement amount" "CVV 2 number", and click "▲ input confirmation".
    * Please input your (telephone number) and e-mail address yourself. By entering your e-mail address you will receive an e-mail when completing the settlement.
    * In case of manual input, please be careful not to make a mistakes for "credit card number", "customer name", and "expiration date".
  • STEP 5
    Please check again that the entered information is correct, and click "▲ settlement execution".
    If there is a problem with the input content, please return to the previous screen with "▲ correction" button and correct it.
  • STEP 6
    When "payment was successful" is displayed, click "▲ print" to display the print screen.
    Make sure that the power of your printer is turned on, then print out the displayed screen.
    → Since the printing mark appears on the screen, click it and print it.
    → Give your signature to the "Merchant Store" on the printed paper.
    (Please sign the same name as on the back of the card. )
    → When completed, Merchants can give the customers a receipt.

Ideal for use in the following industries and events.

Below are some of the more common industries we provide our service to, keep in mind many are unlisted, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Stores of any industry
  • Sales industry
  • Consulting
  • Tutoring
  • Events and Shows
  • Salons/Beauty Services/Shops
  • Research industry
  • Driving agencies/car repair/road services
  • Food industry/li>
  • MLM
  • Renovations
  • NPO activies(Donations and settlements with admission fees)