What is a chat payment service?
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What is a chat payment service?

What is a chat payment service?

Chat payment is a payment service that allows you to display a chat screen on the member store's website and encourage purchases through the chat box while interacting with end users in real time.

In recent years, rather than communicating via telephone or face-to-face customer service, people from all age groups choose to communicate via text messaging.

The question is, is your company aware of such a trend in the market?

The chat payment service allows customers to communicate directly with the seller, and purchase the item based on the guidance of the seller on the spot.

The merit of our chat payment service is not only that the customer can purchase a product while chatting with the seller in real time, but also that the seller can thank customers who purchased the product online on the spot.

Pre-written Robots and programs mechanically send fixed-form thank-you emails, but here human hands will intervene to create that warm service feeling that is in face-to-face customer service, while being an online business. That is what we keep in mind.

Compared to purchasing from a shopping cart, store operators will have to take extra time, but we confidently recommend that this service will definitely help improve your business, brand and competitiveness.

There are situations where many customers can only be approached by chat. Since we can approach a large potential market, we can acquire customers that we have never reached before.

It's easy to implement, just add the JS snippet provided to you by us in your HTML source code of your website. It is perfectly compatible with any smartphone and PC.

In addition, since the history of chat with the end user remains, it is possible to collect customer's purchase data such as purchase history and behaviour history. Many users are hesitant to purchase a product because it is troublesome for them to inquire about what they do not understand.

The average website bounce rate for each industry is as follows :

  • Financial services 53%
  • Hospital / Healthcare 54.96%
  • Medical devices / pharmaceuticals 55.33%
  • Real estate 57.47%
  • Computer software 60.76%
  • Health / fitness related 63%
  • IT and related services 64.21%
  • Management consulting 67.49%