Benefits of Chat Payment System
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Benefits of Chat Payment System

  • Merit 1
    Simple purchase flow
    The process of selecting and purchasing products can be completed within the chat, which makes the purchasing process very smooth.
  • Merit 2
    Real-time exchange
    With the conventional inquiry form, it takes time to get an answer from the seller. However in the chat based payment system, the seller can answer all the inquiries in real time. You can also set the state of the seller to offline, for times when the store is not functional eg. on Holidays.
  • Merit 3
    Amount can be customized
    We can also handle products with different combinations and prices for each customer.
  • Merit 4
    Can solve customer problems in real time
    You can get a deeper understanding of what your customers are thinking about. The gap between the sellers feelings and the customer's feelings is filled, all thanks to the real time chat feature.