Bank Transfer Payment

Bank Transfer Payment

This is a service that allows to make real time settlements
using bank transfers instead of a credit card.

Benefits of Bank Transfer Settlements

  • Merit 1
    Transferable to financial institutions nationwide
    You can transfer to other major services nationwide, like post offices, ATMs, and internet banking.
  • Merit 2
    Handle bank transfers in real time
    Our system confirms payment information received from major financial institutions/post offices all over the country, in real time and automatically notifies the payment result.
  • Merit 3
    Easy Setup
    Account opening/contracts are unnecessary at each financial institution, also there is no need to build complicated systems, so our service can be introduced easily.
  • Merit 4
    An account can be dedicated for settlements
    This account can be easily seperated from the Merchant's main account and then managed easily.
  • Merit 5
    Automate business related to bank transfers
    Since all settlement work regarding bank transfers will be handled by MAXCONNECT, this lessens the load on the Merchant.
  • Merit 6
    Speed up service provision
    We will automatically send payment notifications to Merchants, this service will provide notifications at a considerably faster rate than traditional bank transfers.
  • Merit 7
    Free payment of customer's payment
    It is a system that can adapt to the needs of various customers, with this in mind payments from customers can be made at ATMs, PCs, smartphones, etc.
  • Merit 8
    Easy management of sales
    From the Merchant management screen, a Merchant can see payment status, making daily sales management simple.

Benefits for Users Benefits for Merchants

Specific application method

Some people may find it difficult to understand the difference between our service and traditional bank transfer payments.
So, I would like to explain how our bank transfer payment is specifically used.

(1) We will provide multiple virtual account numbers to Merchants.
(2) The Merchant issues invoices by providing one of these virtual account numbers to a customer or assigning to a transaction.
(3) The customer will deposit the charge amount to the specified virtual account.
(4) When a customer makes a bank transfer, transaction data is sent to the merchant's system through MaxConnect's bank transfer system.

In the case of Max Connect's bank transfer payment

Case Study - Event Company A

For example, if an event company sells four types of seats listed as S, A, B, C, and they are all paid by bank transfer to the same account, managing these becomes a bit of a nightmare.

However, if you use MAXCONNECT's bank transfer service, we will provide an account for each seat type as shown on the right, making account management for this type of event considerably easier.

In the case of Max Connect's bank transfer payment