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Date of enactment: July 6, 2017
Last revision date: December 12, 2018

Based on a simple credit card payment structure that can be done quickly, safely and easily,
we offer our 'sales settlement service' cheaply to everyone.

MAXCONNECT will comply with the laws concerning personal information, the guidelines established by the government and other norms. We will do everything possible to protect your important personal information with the following basic policy.

  • MAXCONNECT collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary in the form of service application from the user himself / herself for the purpose of settling the credit card and confirming the identity related. This personal information shall not exceed the range necessary for this service, such as settlement authentication, identity verification, etc. Additionally, this information will not be obtained without permission from the owner or through illegal means.
  • We will make efforts to protect your personal information, by taking appropriate safety measures, so that there is no danger of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information acquired by MAXCONNECT.
  • Except in the following cases, we will not provide personal information held by MAXCONNECT to third parties without the consent of the user.
    1. In case of receiving formal inquiries from court or law enforcement officials; such as police.
    2. When the unauthorized use of a credit card is discovered, for the purpose of investigation, credit card information within the necessary range may be provided.
    3. In the case of providing information to a credit card settlement company, a personal credit information agency, or a subcontractor within the scope of the purpose of use 1 above.
  • MAXCONNECT will construct and operate a personal information protection management system and will continue to make efforts to protect acquired personal information by continually improving it.
  • We will respond promptly and sincerely to complaints and consultations concerning the handling of personal information. For inquiries such as disclosure, inquiry, correction, or suspension of personal information, please contact the following. In the unlikely event that there is incorrect information, we will respond according to the method specified by MAXCONNECT within a reasonable period, such as corrections, deletions, etc.

Representative Director Takeshi Kimura

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