Auto call interlocking SMS payment
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Auto call interlocking SMS payment

This service notifies the customer of card payment by automatic call and at the same time sends the payment screen to the customer's mobile phone.

Features of the Service

If you know the customer's phone number, it is possible to guide the card settlement by automatic call to many customers. You can contact your customer directly by voice call using phone number, therefore you can establish a strong impact on customer's mind regarding settlement. In addition to the voice call, the payment screen will also be sent to the customer's mobile phone after the payment information is provided.
※Compared with the general email payment guidance, this method has increased the opportunity to be able to settle approximately by 250%.(Based on our hearing results)

Auto call Interlocking SMS payment flow

Simply include your phone number and payment details in the CSV file, and you can get voice guidance and payment screen guidance.

  • STEP 1

    Enter the required information in the CSV file and upload

    Enter the phone number, product ID, product name, price, and transmission content according to the format. After completion, please send the CSV file to us.
  • STEP 2

    Customers will receive voice guidance and payment screen guidance.

    You will be informed by voice to your mobile phone.After that, a short message will be sent with instructions on the payment screen.
  • STEP 3

    Customer executes payment

    When you access the payment screen from the short message, you enter the card information and press the payment execution, the settlement will be executed normally.