Benefits of SMS phone payment service
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Benefits of SMS phone payment service

  • Benefit 1
    Enhanced security

    We will send it directly to the mobile phone number you are using, which will help prevent fraudulent payments.
  • Benefit 2
    Easy transmission

    You can send by just entering the phone number. You don't have to enter a cumbersome email address.
  • Benefit 3
    Real-time payment guidance is possible

    The operation is very simple, such as proceeding from guidance to completion of payment while calling the user.
  • Benefit 4
    High settlement rate

    SMS has a higher open rate than email, so you can be more confident about your billing information.
  • Benefit 5
    It is possible to save the transmitted contents

    Since it is possible to save the contents to be sent, it is easy to send from the next time onward.
  • Benefit 6
    Multiple transmission possible in one operation

    By entering multiple destinations in a dedicated format, you can send to many customers at once.Of course, you can set the transmission content separately.