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Member interview Vol.01

Member Interview Vol.1
Max Connect Co., Ltd.
Masaki kirisawa,
Service Promotion Section, Payment Division

Masaki kirisawa

How do you think the payment industry will change in the future?

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced that it will aim for about 20% in 2018 and double 40% in 2025. The new coronavirus has greatly impacted the payment scenario.

Our merchants use offline payment, face-to-face payment, and online non-face-to-face payment. But I wonder what the future holds for us, will there be more online payments than offline payments.

Since I am an analog person myself, I hope that the corona will converge and offline face-to-face payments will become more popular. But in the current scenario online payments are growing and becoming more popular. We will find new possibilities by successfully switching from offline services to online services. With that thought in mind, I work with the affiliated stores and related parties.

In order to provide easy-to-use and safe services to many people, we are working with our Japanese office members, Malaysia members, and related companies to make improvements.

Service Promotion Sectioninterview

I think that you often talk to customers, but is there something that you are careful about?

Service Promotion Sectioninterview

First of all, I listen consciously to all the customers. We also have services that we have created ourselves, so we feel like we want to convey a lot, saying, "There is such a service."

However, having a business talk opportunity with a customer is something that I want to use in such a scene. First of all, I will listen carefully to the business contents and think about what I want to do, and from there I will propose such a thing.

At the time of business negotiations, I am conscious of the balance of having customers talk about 70% to 80% of total time.

Question: What is your hobby?

I like to move my body and do some physical workout. Recently after moving near to the company, I have been going to the Gold Gym. I visit the Gym 4 to 5 days every week for muscle training, sauna and futsal.

I started going to the gym in July 2019, and from then onwards I started paying attention to my diet and I was able to lose about 10 kg.

Even if you are going through a hard time or depression at work or in your private life, doing muscle training and then entering the sauna will make you feel relaxed and you will be able to have a proper sleep at night and have a pleasant morning.

The more workout you do, the more visible the results. Muscle training is highly recommended.

Service Promotion Sectioninterview

Is there anything you are studying now?

In the world, where everyone is working in the companies, I am studying communication and how to interact with people.Some people see it visually, others see it audibly. I also learnt that the same person can also have different ways of thinking.Personally I go to study programming and I also want to improve my English skills.

All the participants are positive and energetic therefore I also feel energetic every time I participate.We will use what we have learned here in practice and give it back to our customers and company.

Service Promotion Sectioninterview

Finally, could you give a few words to your customers and related parties?

As of September 2020, I think it is a time period of great change that I have never experienced in the past.

We at Max Connect, instead of becoming negative in such a situation ask ourselves "what can we do in this situation?". We want to continue to be a company that gives energy and vitality to the customers and related parties.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that everyone who is involved with us is energized and motivated.