Our Departments


Sales Department

Our sales department notifies all customers with inquiries to Max Connect about our settlement service and how our payment service will be meaningful for our customers together It starts from thinking about becoming.

There are different types of services, such as WEB payment, mobile payment, QR payment, e-mail payment, but let us offer the best service guidance and the best support for card payment according to the business of the business operator We have taken.

System Development Department

System Development Division

The System Development Division mainly engages in contract development of external projects and development of business systems for improving internal operations. Regarding external projects, we have received high praise from all customers due to the high technical strength cultivated through settlement system development.


Development of own products and development of settlement Gateway system. Designing internationally-usable settlement gateway prototype, designing and producing programs tailored to the standards and designing facilities, element tests (basic tests) that determine product performance evaluation and development specifications are conducted We are developing Gateway system from the results. Our credit card settlement system complies with international standard PCIDSS. We will also provide orders for the Gateway system in Japan and overseas, technical guidance and so on. (We have received a lot of orders, we do not accept it now.)

General Affairs Department

General Affairs Section

As a global company, our General Affairs Division is engaged in operations such as asset management including personnel, labor, welfare, and maintenance, survey of necessary expenses, procurement of equipment, operation management of internal and external events.

Accounting department

The accounting section conducts business such as accounting, finance, budget management, taxation. We are responsible for grasping and reporting the movement of figures related to company activities, mainly sales and expenses. In addition, payment calculation for the franchisee store, detailed issue issue etc. are also linked with the administration section, we are doing.

Legal Affairs Section

We are in charge of legal risk management.

【Contract examination】

Management including the preparation of contracts in our trading, review, transaction contents, examination of business schemes.

【Legal consultation · survey · trademark management】

Investigation of legal content related to our business, investigation and management concerning intellectual property rights.

【Information security service】

(We protect merchants, partners, customers’ information) Response work to protect all information on companies including personal information from risks such as theft, loss, modification etc.

Customer Support

Customer Support Division

In the Customer Support Department of the management department we are engaged in customer’s credit card customer service which was used by our franchise stores and franchise stores.

Customer Support Center Phone Number:+81 (0)3-6826-5621

In particular, in response to your inquiries from cardholders you have used, you will also receive inquiries from various countries and regions. In particular, since it is a department related to the handling of personal information, we take thorough measures to protect personal information.

Risk Management Section

In the Risk Management Division, we monitor day-to-day franchise transactions and update merchant review services, fraud transactions and black function registrations. We are conducting surveys and management of day and night transactions to prevent charge back and illegal transactions even a little.

International Sales Division

Overseas negotiation sales team

The oversea department’s overseas department negotiates overseas banks that are the suppliers of settlements and cultivates new trading banks. We continue to develop new supplier banks and partner companies Gateway Company all over the world to maintain cheap and stable settlement line, which is a major advantage of Max Connect, for further stabilization.

Global Partner Program Promotion Division

We have partner contracts with credit card payment companies all over the world. I would like to use a settlement service other than our company but there are customers who are a little worried about contracts with foreign payment companies. We have a partner agreement with the following settlement company at our company. I think that there are also people who are looking for a different payment system, specification of settlement, currency problem, or a settlement company located in the same country. As we can introduce from our company smoothly merchant shop judgment passes, there are also cases where connection of settlement can be done, so if you need such support please contact us. (Conditions may be improved through our company.) We are responsible for Global Program.

Some of our partner partner companies will be listed below. (In no particular order)

Company Country Website
A Subsidiary of BR Merchant Service LLC USA http://www.painlessprocessing.com/
High Risk Pay USA http://www.highriskpay.com/
BR Merchant Service llc USA http://www.bestratemerchantservice.com/
Maverick BankCard Incorporated USA http://www.maverickbankcard.com/
QuickPay ApS Denmark http://quickpay.net/
Subsidiary of Plan B Enterprise Consultants India http://planbpay.org/
American Verification Processing Solutions, LLC USA http://www.avpsolutions.com/
Mystique Enterprises Ltd DBA PSBill USA http://www.psbill.com/high-risk-merchant-account.html