Management Philosophy of Max Connect

Management Philosophy

・Contribute to socio-economic development through the payment business.

・We aim to be a company that makes people happy by creating and providing correct and loving services.

・Nurturing people who are useful to society.

Management Vision

・Conduct businesses that makes all parties involved happy. We will strive for the development for all.

・We aim to continuously develop corporate management with a broad and high perspective, and regard business with a long-term vision.

・We will boldly engage in international business that spreads across the world.

Company Credo

・Engage in business with a broad and high perspective.

・Like the theory of water in a basin, we understand that contribution is the most important factor in corporate development.

・Our company credo is love, sincerity, growth, education and nurturing.

Company Motto

・Do the right thing with courage and without fear.

・We value teamwork and create big things as a team.

・Always thinking about innovation, improvement and taking on new challenges.