Case Study

Case Study

On this page, our staff put together “story and voice” of Merchants who began to use MAXCONNET’s settlement service. However, we can not name specific store names, addresses, etc.

Of course, these are from only a few Merchants, our service expands well beyond just these services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Web design/homepage creation Merchant

Since the price varies by customer and their requests, we were able to set the amount necessary for each customer, using the e-mail settlement service.
This was very handy, by being able to just paste the credit card payment URL into an e-mail, where we have our additional text and advertisements already in place. Also, since EC-CUBE/osCommerce/ZenCart are provided by MAXCONNECT’s payment service, if this are implemented into the website, credit settlements can be used at launch. Once you understand the process, it is really easy.

Additionally since using MAXCONNECT’s card reader service. When we receive requests from local customers for web design and website creation, with payments received on completion.
After we show off the completed website to our customers, we have them pay by cash or credit card payment. Do not worry if you bring one PC and a card reader. Recently, I’ve learned that MAXCONNECT’s credit card payment can be used on the iPads too!

Merchants operating various shopping sites

MAXCONNECT has a Quick Charge function, for this reason I applied.
Customers who have settled once are able to make purchases without entering their information again. For repeat customers who already trust us, this was important for them to make purchases happen smoothly. All we had to do was change the design on the payment screen to match our sites and put in a few advertisements of our other products.

Merchants operating various schools and classrooms

We did not want to use a cheap settlement agency, since we were afraid of the quality of the service. However, an acquaintance recommended MAXCONNECT, with their friendly sales staff and easy to use system. We were able to start using the QR service and accept credit cards.

We use MAXCONNECT’s QR settlements and CSV batch service for our classes. We are teaching about 70 students every month. However, depending on the content of the classroom individual differences due to material expenses etc. For this we use the CSV batch service, with the click of a button we can address the price for each student from the management screen. It makes the whole process very convenient.

Dear merchants with various members

We operate a website that provides information and we receive monthly membership fees. Utilizing MAXCONNECT’s billing system, we truly had to do almost nothing, with a few click on the site, we were receiving monthly settlements. The result of each settlement can also be received by e-mail, and of course it can be received as data, so automation was really easy. Since you can also set the amount of money monthly. For the first moneth we charged the admission fee plus monthly, but for the second month and so on, we were able to only charge the monthly fee.

I am managing a video distribution site, I decided to introduce a convenient service from MAXCONNECT. On this site there are five settings for charge settings and billing cycled. I was wondering if I could purchase movies separately, could I use the same ID for monthly member services? But, when consulting with the sales people, there was a function called quick charge, that makes enter card information over and over unnecessary.

Merchants who are running schools

We run a cram school in rural areas. The target customers range from elementary to junior high school.
Every month the parents of the students have to initiate a bank transfer, they constantly complain about the process, especially the fees involved. Since using MAXCONNECT’s service, this is no longer an issue, and monthly payments can be checked straight from the Management screen.

Merchants operating a health food sales site

We use the GATEWAY method to link with sales data. Often the information wasn’t always accurate with information posted on the website for other agencies. However, with MAXCONNECT the data displayed on their Management screen was spot on to what we received. This was a very pleasant surprise.


We are engaged in translation work at our private office.
There are opportunities for some of our customers, to receive work from companies overseas or domestic. Since we have stated that we are compatible with credit cards, the amount of work has increased a lot. So many companies find credit card payments to be far more convenient than bank transfers.

Ad Agencies

Up until last year we dealt with mostly bank transfers, these are very slow, sometimes taking up to a month to process. However, from last year we have started using MAXCONNECT’s credit card service for instant settlements. There were cases were we would create an Ad campaign for a company, but before we could receive payment, the company would fail or disappear, so we would not receive payments. But now even if this happens, we can receive payment anyway.