Why Choose Our Servise

MaxConnect, a payment agency service, exists for such times. We always try to contribute to society through economic activities. We provide payment services that make our merchants and their customers feel comfortable.

A Settlement Service that can perform sales anywhere!


We have prepared settlement functions for various situations, to make sure our Merchants never miss a sales opportunity.
For companies operating online shops WEB Method.
For shop owners who wish to settle payments face to face QR Method.
For card payments on festival grounds or when visiting Mobile(Smartphone) Method.
Also, for making settlements with anyone, anywhere.E-mail Method.

We believe that economic activities through business and relationships with people are very important parts for maturing human society and economy. Through the expansion of your company’s business scene, we would like to provide such a payment function that will please even more customers beyond your company.

Appropriate size according to each screen


The home which we have decided to go with, is accessible by a wider range of screens that most homepages of other companies. There are many people now that browse the internet using small laptops or tablet devices, with these small screens it can be painful to see.
However, homepages need the ability to publish a lot of information at a time to the reader. The payment screen needs to be prepared for a compact feeling. On our payment screen, we make it so that you can settle the payment, on the appropriate payment screen size that matches general mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

Size and spacing of input windows easy for human beings to see


A necessity for card companies is the size and interval of input windows. On MAXCONNECT’s payment screen, Merchants can add as many input fields as they feel are necessary. This however will not clutter the screen and make it feel overloaded. For example, please feel secure about affiliated stores that require many input items such as name, address, telephone number, email, prefecture, country, remarks column, etc.

Supports payment screen display in multiple languages


In addition, we have multilingual notation (multilingual notation function) of payment screen as standard by not missing sales opportunities to customers abroad which are rapidly increasing in recent years. If a customer who tried to purchase goods at a franchise website Web site (for example, a PC using English fonts by English-speaking customers tried to purchase goods with credit card payment), our payment screen is Determine the screen language and display the payment screen in your language. By doing so, it is possible to reduce the information input stress to the customer’s card payment screen, and to further increase the purchase establishment. Please check sample of multilingual function of our payment screen from here.

Provide a settlement module compatible with a major open source cart


We offer a credit card payment function module, free of charge, that uses the open source EC site construction system “EC CUBE”. The EC CUBE exclusive payment module makes it possible to quickly and easily introduce credit card payments to EC sites. Easy installation allows you to begin using credit card payments with ease, it will be manageable on both the EC CUBE administration screen and our credit card settlement management screen.

Multilingual Customer staff to backup Merchants


For the first time when doing business with overseas companies and customers, work and work that arises for many anxiety, stress, extra exchanges will follow. Particularly in the case of transactions with overseas partners and customers, time and fees are generated for bank remittance, so time and effort arises, so if you want to do the settlement process with credit card originally. We have provided credit support services to all franchisees. We will fully support franchisees who are planning business development using credit card transactions for overseas customers who have been struggling so far. Please focus on sales sales activities for sales improvement at your company. Our company will do the customer support of overseas customers on behalf of.

Strong Security


MAXCONNECT’s credit card payment system is fully compliant with the latest version 3.2 “PCI DSS”, the international information security standard of the credit card industry.PCIDSS is an international standard for credit card information protection jointly established by five international card brands (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB).

Overseas corporations, foreign owners can join.


A vision that those at MAXCONNECT have for the company, is one of a company that can provide its services to Merchants around the world. With this vision in mind, we do not distinguish between companies in Japan or abroad, making our service available to everyone, while keeping our screening process unbiased and fair.